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USB Candle Lighter


Width: 3cm / 1.18"
Depth: 1.91cm / 0.75"

Height: 23.1cm / 9.1"

Sold individually


The USB Candle Lighter is rechargeable and LED Flashlight product in one. Perfect for candle-lit nights, outdoor suppers, events, birthday parties and more. 


  • x 1 lighter & x 1 charging cable is included
  • On/Off Switch - for improved child safety 
  • Larger Battery - up to 1000 lights per charge
  • Multi-Light Battery Indicator
  • High Powered LED Flash Light - so you can always see in the dark
  • Instructions printed on inside of box
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Safety & Instructions


  • Please do not exceed 10 second ignition time  
  • Please make sure the arc tips are free of debris before using
  • Please do not touch arc tips to skin
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep the device away from high temperature
  • Keep the device away from water or other liquids
  • Do not stab or puncture or drop the lighter

Operating Instructions:

  1. Push slider or switch cover up the expose Red ignition button
  2. Begin by holding the lighter 1inch away from the target
  3. To light target: Press and hold the ignition button to start the flameless electric arc, move the arc slowly toward the target to light
  4. To use torch hold down button for a few seconds until torch lights

Traveling with your USB Lighter: Please make sure to check with your local airport on their policies for Lithium Ion Batteries.

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Sky Blue
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