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Creative Collection

There are two styles of Creative candles available: Twist & Spiral, with each style available in 10 vibrant colours. Each Style is sold as set of 6 candles in a beautiful Candle Flair box.

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Baby BlueSpiral Candle - Baby Blue
Spiral Candle - Baby Blue Sale price£28.00
Baby PinkSpiral Candle - Baby Pink
Spiral Candle - Baby Pink Sale price£28.00
BlackSpiral Candle - Black
Spiral Candle - Black Sale price£28.00
Bumblebee YellowSpiral Candle - Bumblebee Yellow
FuchsiaSpiral Candle - Fuchsia
Spiral Candle - Fuchsia Sale price£28.00
Hot RedSpiral Candle - Hot Red
Spiral Candle - Hot Red Sale price£28.00
IvorySpiral Candle - Ivory
Spiral Candle - Ivory Sale price£28.00
Sold outLilacSpiral Candle - Lilac
Spiral Candle - Lilac Sale price£28.00
Mint GreenSpiral Candle - Mint Green
Spiral Candle - Mint Green Sale price£28.00
Tiger OrangeSpiral Candle - Tiger Orange
Baby PinkTwist Candle - Baby Pink
Twist Candle - Baby Pink Sale price£26.00
BlackTwist Candle - Black
Twist Candle - Black Sale price£26.00
Bumblebee YellowTwist Candle - Bumblebee Yellow
FuchsiaTwist Candle - Fuchsia
Twist Candle - Fuchsia Sale price£26.00
Hot RedTwist Candle - Hot Red
Twist Candle - Hot Red Sale price£26.00
IvoryTwist Candle - Ivory
Twist Candle - Ivory Sale price£26.00
LilacTwist Candle - Lilac
Twist Candle - Lilac Sale price£26.00
MintTwist Candle - Mint
Twist Candle - Mint Sale price£26.00
Sky BlueTwist Candle - Sky Blue
Twist Candle - Sky Blue Sale price£26.00
Tiger OrangeTwist Candle - Tiger Orange
Twist Candle - Tiger Orange Sale price£26.00