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Lux Collection

There are three styles of Lux candles available: Swirl, Ribbon & Roma. The Swirl candle has 6 colours available and the Ribbon has 4 colours available. Each style is sold as set of 4 candles in a Luxury Candle Flair box.

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BlackRibbon Candle - Black
Ribbon Candle - Black Sale price£36.00
IvoryRibbon Candle - Ivory
Ribbon Candle - Ivory Sale price£36.00
Mid GreyRibbon Candle - Mid Grey
Ribbon Candle - Mid Grey Sale price£36.00
Sold outWhiteRibbon Candle - White
Ribbon Candle - White Sale price£36.00
Roma Candle - Antique RoseRoma Candle - Antique Rose
Roma Candle - Antique Rose Sale price£40.00
Roma Candle - Grey BlueRoma Candle - Grey Blue
Roma Candle - Grey Blue Sale price£40.00
Roma Candle - MauveRoma Candle - Mauve
Roma Candle - Mauve Sale price£40.00
BlackSwirl Candle - Black
Swirl Candle - Black Sale price£34.00
French GreySwirl Candle - French Grey
Swirl Candle - French Grey Sale price£34.00
IvorySwirl Candle - Ivory
Swirl Candle - Ivory Sale price£34.00
Jade GreenSwirl Candle - Jade Green
Swirl Candle - Jade Green Sale price£34.00
Mustard YellowSwirl Candle - Mustard Yellow
Pale PinkSwirl Candle - Pale Pink
Swirl Candle - Pale Pink Sale price£34.00